Ruth Gilbert and Jon Parmenter

Date: Thursday July 3, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.
Fee: $45 (No one will be turned away because of money)
Where: 175 Elm St. (one block north of Dundas St., west off University Ave.).
To register: Email Ross at If you have questions, email or call Ross at (416) 951-8782. Please register early to reserve a space as seating is limited.

Life can bring us a rich tapestry of connection to each other and to the vivid sensory world around us. But as we grow up many of us learn to disconnect. We start not to notice things, close down to our feelings, and shut out our fellow travelers. We do this in the name of self-protection, out of fear and unsatisfiable longings. And we sacrifice our direct knowledge of what and who we are in order to stay in our dream of disconnection.

In this evening workshop we will introduce some ways of reconnecting — to the sensory world, to what we are and to each other. We will teach practices aimed at coming into the moment of experience and opening your heart.


  • With sensation
  • With emotion
  • With awareness
  • With each other


Ruth Gilbert: Ruth brings her many years of experience in psychology, healing arts, Buddhism, and Dzogchen to bear on teaching non-dual presence. She teaches individual students and groups in the US and Canada.

Jon Parmenter: Jon has long studied internal transformation with extensive training in martial arts, the Gurdjieff work, Buddhism, and Dzogchen. He works privately with students and groups.

Ruth and Jon are wife and husband as well as teaching partners.